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Are you looking to improve your oral health with a bone grafting procedure? If not, then perhaps you should consider it! If you have lost bone structure in your jaw due to gum disease, then a bone graft procedure may be ideal for you.

Our oral surgeons, Dr. Melvin L. Ford III, Dr. Klaus D. Guter, and Dr. James A. Gray , are here to help you if you need a bone grafting procedure done. That is why our team at Oral Surgery of Tidewater in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is happy to help you understand more on the subject.

Did you know, the leading cause of tooth loss among adults is gum disease? Yes, it’s true! Gum disease can threaten the life of your teeth and health of your gums and cause your jawbone to deteriorate. For many, to restore your oral health, a dental implant may be needed. In order to place a dental implant, you must have adequate jaw strength because the implant fuses to your bone for support. That is why a bone graft is often recommended and needed to restore your oral health and have a dental implant.

Depending on the bone graft technique, the surgeon will either take a section of bone from another area in your body or apply a particular bone grafting material that will be used and grafted into your jawbone. Like any procedure, a healing period will be mandatory to make sure your graft holds and becomes strong enough to support an implant. Fortunately, your specialist will be with you for every step of the process should questions or problems arise. After a successful treatment, the result includes restored jaw support and restored teeth that can look and function as natural teeth do and your oral health restored.

If you are ready to improve your oral health or restore the strength of your jawbone, please call us today at (757) 544-9192 to set up an appointment. Our team of experts can review your condition and let you know if this procedure is right for you.