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These days, it seems as though most dentists are offering dental implants as a way to replace their patients’ missing teeth. While many dentists can actually provide this service, not every general dentist has been trained in the necessary advanced techniques to perform oral surgery, including dental implants, in a successful way. Choosing an actual oral surgeon can give you the experience you need for a successful implant treatment.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specific field within dentistry for those who completed dental school and an additional three to four years of specialized training. These individuals are rightfully recognized as surgical professionals. While general dentists may have received some training for implants during dental school, oral surgeons have several years of advanced and focused training on specific surgical procedures, including dental implants.

In addition to having extra years of training, oral surgeons typically have more experience of performing dental implant operations. This is because they generally perform implant procedures on a regular basis, whereas a general dentist may perform only a handful of implant surgeries each year. When it comes to choosing a dental professional for your implants, odds are you are looking for someone who is practiced and comfortable with the procedure because of how often they have done it.

The experience and training that an oral surgeon receives not only helps your implant procedure go more smoothly but also enables you to receive immediate attention and proper care should a complication arise during your treatment. You deserve to have the comfort and reassurance that comes from knowing that the doctor performing your surgery has experience and knowledge to care for you in any situation.

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