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Tooth sensitivity is an inconvenient dental symptom that could be caused by simple or more complex dental issues. To begin treating it, it’s best to cancel out the simple causes. These things can be treated within the walls of your own home. To help you, our oral surgeons, Dr. Melvin Ford, Dr. Klaus Guter, and Dr. James Gray, have some tips they would like to share.

First, change your brand of toothpaste. Unfortunately, some toothpastes increase tooth sensitivity, especially whitening toothpaste (because it works down the enamel when removing stains) and tartar-control toothpaste (because it contains sodium pyrophosphate). If you use a toothpaste like one of these that causes your sensitivity, it’s time to switch. For the best results possible, you can use desensitizing toothpaste, which is a paste that is made to block the pathways in the enamel that lead to the tooth nerves, reducing sensitivity symptoms.

Second, take it easy on your teeth. If you’re rough while you brush or if you use the wrong type of toothbrush, your teeth and gums can pay the consequences. The rough technique and the tough bristles can harm the gums, making them shrivel away from the teeth. This exposes the roots and creates sensitivity. So, it’s important to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and be gentle as you scrub.

If these tips don’t work, it’s time to rule out the more complex issues. At this point, it’s best to contact Oral Surgery of Tidewater at (757) 544-9192 and schedule an appointment. Our dental team will be happy to meet with you, determine the underlying cause, and provide treatment.

To learn more about how to dull tooth sensitivity in Virginia Beach, Virginia, please feel free to reach out to our team to get your best smile today!