An Accidental Fall Might Cause a Significant Tongue Injury

There are times when an accidental fall around the house, or some other form of accident can contact your face causing you to bite down hard on your tongue. When this happens the extend of the soft tissue trauma can vary. Applying some basic first aid for the tongue and... Read more »

Proper Care Minimizes the Risk of Complications After a Tooth Extraction

Certain situations can lead to a tooth needing to be removed even though permanent teeth should last a lifetime. To help you minimize the risk of complications following a tooth extraction, our dentist will provide you with instructions for proper care. Reasons to remove a tooth include: – Additional teeth... Read more »

Brushing Sensitive Teeth

Sure, you've probably experienced tooth sensitivity before. But what did you do about it? Were you aware that you can stop by our office for tooth sensitivity treatments? Here are a few things you can do to keep your teeth feeling robust and healthy after professional services from our Virginia... Read more »

Here Is What You Can Expect From a Bone Graft

Bone grafting is often a preliminary procedure for patients who are receiving restorative dentistry such as dental implants. Prior to placing a dental implant, Dr. Melvin Ford, Dr. Klaus Guter, or Dr. James Gray  will examine the area of bone surrounding the placement site and determine if it is dense... Read more »

A Quality Snore Guard Can Help Reduce Sleep Apnea Complications

Clear and even respiration when sleeping contributes to a good night’s sleep and contributes toward good health. Sleep apnea is a chronic respiratory condition that results with the soft palate and other soft tissues oral structures slip toward the back of the throat. This can cause breathing interruption, chronic snoring,... Read more »

A Recent Blow to the Face Could Lead to Latent Toothache Pain

When you suffer an accidental blow to the face, the bleeding and damage to soft oral tissues can often take priority over the less apparent dental trauma. In some of these cases, you might not even notice any overt damage to a tooth, only to notice a mild toothache developing... Read more »

The Harmful Work Habits that Can Damage Your Smile

While you’re at work, it’s easy to get lost in the tasks, right? Sometimes this leads to stress habits and forgetting to take care of your smile. If this is the case for you, it’s time to keep your smile in mind while you’re at work. Unfortunately, there are many... Read more »

Got Tooth Sensitivity? Here Are Tricks to Relieve It

Tooth sensitivity is an inconvenient dental symptom that could be caused by simple or more complex dental issues. To begin treating it, it’s best to cancel out the simple causes. These things can be treated within the walls of your own home. To help you, our oral surgeons, Dr. Melvin... Read more »

Tooth Loss & Treatment Options

Even though teeth are meant to last a lifetime, sometimes adult teeth are lost. An injury to the face, a severe infection, untreated gum disease, and other issues can cause this tooth loss. If gum disease is the cause of tooth loss, the infection can cause your gums to recede... Read more »

General Information About Dental Implants

Are you aware that dental implants are tooth replacement treatments created to withstand the rigors of chewing and speaking for the rest of your life? Even though dental implants can be damaged, they are extremely durable and can last a lifetime. If you have any lost or missing teeth, take... Read more »