Oral First Aid May Be Necessary While Seeking Emergency Treatment

Sometimes an accident in the home or a sports injury can impact the mouth causing trauma to teeth and soft oral tissues. In a severe case you may need to apply some basic first aid while seeking emergency treatment. If you have blood on your lips or face, you might... Read more »

The Answers to Questions About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that has the potential to be very dangerous. It involves interruptions in your breathing while you sleep. In fact, sleep apnea causes your breathing to repeatedly stop and start throughout the night. If you have questions about sleep apnea in Virginia Beach, Virginia, our... Read more »

Recovering From Oral Surgery

Are you ready for your oral surgery? Do you need help finding recovery tips and tricks to help you through the process? If so, you are reading the right blog for you! Oral surgery consists of many procedures that are designed to help you in many different situations. However, no... Read more »

Common Questions About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Do you have questions about wisdom tooth removal? If so, you’re not alone. Many people also have questions about the treatment. The more you know, the better. In fact, if you find the answers you’re looking for, you might feel less nervous in the dental chair. So, to help you,... Read more »

Choose an Oral Surgeon for Your Dental Implants

These days, it seems as though most dentists are offering dental implants as a way to replace their patients’ missing teeth. While many dentists can actually provide this service, not every general dentist has been trained in the necessary advanced techniques to perform oral surgery, including dental implants, in a... Read more »

Aftercare Tips for Tooth Extraction

Sometimes the only viable treatment option for a severely distressed or decayed tooth is a total extraction. This last resort measure can help to gradually alleviate the pain and help treat any existing infection. Following an extraction, a oral surgeons like Dr. Melvin L. Ford III, Dr. Klaus D. Guter,... Read more »

This Year, Seek Treatment for TMJ Disorder

Your ball and socket joints in your jaw are called your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and they are responsible for connecting the jaw to the skull so that your mouth can exercise proper function. Due to the great number of components involved in this structure, jaw damage or a system breakdown... Read more »

An Accidental Fall Might Cause a Significant Tongue Injury

There are times when an accidental fall around the house, or some other form of accident can contact your face causing you to bite down hard on your tongue. When this happens the extend of the soft tissue trauma can vary. Applying some basic first aid for the tongue and... Read more »

Proper Care Minimizes the Risk of Complications After a Tooth Extraction

Certain situations can lead to a tooth needing to be removed even though permanent teeth should last a lifetime. To help you minimize the risk of complications following a tooth extraction, our dentist will provide you with instructions for proper care. Reasons to remove a tooth include: – Additional teeth... Read more »

Brushing Sensitive Teeth

Sure, you've probably experienced tooth sensitivity before. But what did you do about it? Were you aware that you can stop by our office for tooth sensitivity treatments? Here are a few things you can do to keep your teeth feeling robust and healthy after professional services from our Virginia... Read more »