During your first visit to Oral Surgery of Tidewater, you will meet with one of our three doctors, Dr. Ford, Dr. Guter, and Dr. Gray, to discuss your oral needs. Your initial consultation will allow our doctors to learn about any previous or current medical conditions and medications. We will also evaluate your X-rays with your medical history. During your first visit, our oral surgeons will also perform a comprehensive oral examination to assess your current condition and provide you with accurate treatment plans. Once all information and exams have been reviewed and completed, your oral surgeon will discuss all of your treatment options so you can find the option that is best for you.

An Experienced Team that Offers Comprehensive Treatment

If you are looking for an oral surgeon in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Oral Surgery of Tidewater is the right place for you. With a team consisting of three highly trained, experienced oral surgeons and a friendly, personable team, we can provide you with the oral care you need. We are pleased to provide personalized treatment plans and advanced technology to care for your individual oral needs. When you visit Oral Surgery of Tidewater, you receive compassionate, respectful, and honest oral care.

Your first visit may take an hour or longer, depending on how much time you visit with one of our doctors. If you need to plan a timeframe for your appointment, you can call our office at (757) 544-9192 and we can give you a time estimate. We look forward to providing you with quality oral surgery in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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