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Are you ready for your oral surgery? Do you need help finding recovery tips and tricks to help you through the process? If so, you are reading the right blog for you! Oral surgery consists of many procedures that are designed to help you in many different situations. However, no matter the procedure, there are many things you can do on your own to help your recovery process.

Your oral surgeons, Dr. Melvin Ford, Dr. Klaus Guter, and Dr. James Gray with Oral Surgery of Tidewater in Virginia Beach, Virginia, care about your treatment and wishes for you to make a full recovery. That is why our team is happy to share recovering from oral surgery tips with you: These tips include:

  • Remember your doctors detailed instructions. The instructions your doctor gives you will help you along with the recovery process.
  • Avoid tobacco use during recovery. Tobacco irritates the gums and can slow down the healing process. It is best to avoid tobacco in any form during your recovery process.
  • Get plenty of rest. Sleep is your body’s way of healing naturally, so by letting your body rest and heal, you are helping yourself recover faster. Also, remember any advice your doctor gave you about sleeping at an angle. Some surgeries require you to sleep at an angle until you are recovered.
  • Discuss the best food and drink options with your doctor. Some foods, hot or cold cause different conditions for the state of your teeth and gums. This information is important to know when it comes to your recovery.
  • Attend all after-care appointments with your doctor to ensure you are healing properly. These appointments will help you avoid infections or any complications after surgery.

As you can see, there are things you can do on your own to speed the process along. If you are nervous about your upcoming procedure, or if you have questions about any at-home care after your procedure, then please call us directly at (757) 544-9192. Our team is happy to assist you and help you recover properly.