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Even though teeth are meant to last a lifetime, sometimes adult teeth are lost. An injury to the face, a severe infection, untreated gum disease, and other issues can cause this tooth loss.

If gum disease is the cause of tooth loss, the infection can cause your gums to recede from the base your teeth. As this starts to happen, small pockets of infection can gradually build up near the roots. As this happens the underlying bone structure can be depleted, leading to the loss of multiple teeth.

Sometimes and dental implants and implant-supported dental bridges can replace the compromised teeth. However, this might require multiple oral surgeries.

If you are uncomfortable with dental implants, Dr. Melvin Ford, Dr. Klaus Guter, and Dr. James Gray might recommend extracting your remaining compromised teeth, in preparation for complete or partial dentures. Each of these false teeth will be set into a pink material that serves to anchor it in your mouth and mimic the appearance of natural gum tissues.

Our oral surgeons will extract any needed teeth and then after the gums and jaws have had time to heal, your regular dentist will take measurements and impressions so that your dentures can be created.

If you live in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area and you have lost one or more permanent teeth, you should call (757) 544-9192 to set up a consultation at Oral Surgery of Tidewater.