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With different dental specialties, it may be difficult to keep track of which doctor type performs different procedures. While you might take comfort in knowing that it takes years of studying to earn the different degrees and certifications required to become a specialist, it can be nice to know what a specific doctor specializes in. That is why we would like to highlight maxillofacial surgeons today, so that you can have a greater understanding of what it is they can do.

While the length of time can vary from state to state, in addition to dental school, it could take an additional four years of schooling to become certified to be a maxillofacial surgeon. The training could take place at a dental school or at a hospital which has residency training programs for physicians and dentists. During this education our oral surgeons, Dr. Melvin L. Ford III, Dr. Klaus D. Guter, and Dr. James A. Gray , were taught extensively about general anesthesia and IV sedation so that they can help ensure your comfort during your treatments.

Although patients may come to see our oral surgeons for impacted wisdom teeth more frequently, they could also provide other services like assisting those who have been suffering from sleep apnea or TMJ. With such an extensive knowledge of the mouth’s anatomy, our oral surgeons may be the right choice to help a patient with many different procedures.

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