Oral Pathology

Oral cancer is a growing concern among oral health care providers. If your dentist, doctor, or our oral surgeons conduct an oral cancer screening and detect questionable tissue, they may recommend an oral biopsy. Our team at Oral Surgery of Tidewater is skilled and careful in performing an effective biopsy that will provide a more accurate diagnosis. If you require an oral biopsy in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Dr. Ford and Dr. Guter are here to give you the care that you need. We invite you to schedule your consultation with our oral surgeons today by calling our office at (757) 499-6886.

An oral biopsy is a treatment used to help diagnose oral tissue infections or cancer. In most dental and oral care offices, you will receive an oral cancer screening to evaluate the condition of your oral health and locate any potentially cancerous or infectious lesions. However, some diagnoses cannot be completed while based simply on your medical history and a screening. If your dentist or doctor recommends an oral biopsy, our practice can perform a thorough and effective biopsy to more accurately determine the health of your oral tissue.

Oral biopsies are often recommended when there is a case of unexplained tissue abnormality, particularly when it continues growing despite treatment or removal. Malignant tumors are also a cause of oral biopsies. They are often red or red-and-white lesions, and they have often become ulcers that are hardened or fixed in deeper tissue. Should you experience lesions such as these, it may be necessary to receive an oral biopsy from an oral surgeon.

During an oral biopsy, our oral surgeons will carefully remove a sample of the suspected tissue lesion. There may be minor side effects of having tissue removed, especially when tissue is removed from your lip; however, it is unlikely that you will experience any major deformities or aesthetic changes. Regardless of where your lesion may be, our oral surgeons will proceed with care to ensure that you receive the necessary results to determine your oral health without compromising the aesthetic appearance of your smile. We invite you to contact our office to learn more about oral biopsies, and to have any of your questions or concerns addressed. Call our office today to schedule your consultation: 757-499-6886.

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